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Property Reference

You can refer a vertex or edge's property in WHERE or YIELD syntax.

Reference From Vertex

For Source Vertex


where symbol $^ is used to get a source vertex's property, tag_name indicates the source vertex's tag, and prop_name specifies the property name.

For Destination Vertex


Symbol $$ indicates the ending vertex, tag_name and prop_name are the vertex's tag and property respectively.


nebula> GO FROM 1 OVER e1 YIELD $^ AS startName, $$.end.Age AS endAge

Use the above query to get the source vertex's property name and ending vertex's property age.

Reference From Edge

For Property

You can use the following syntax to get an edge's property.


edge_type is the edge's type, meanwhile edge_prop is the property.

For example,

nebula> GO FROM 1 OVER e1 YIELD e1.prop1

For Build-in Properties

There are four build-in properties in the edge:

  • _src: source vertex ID of the edge
  • _dst: destination ID of the edge
  • _type: edge type
  • _rank: the edge's ranking

You can use _src and _dst to get the starting and ending vertices' ID, and they are very commonly used to show a graph path.

For example,

nebula> GO FROM 1 OVER e1 YIELD e1._src as startVID /* which is, 1 */, e1._dst as endVID

This statement returns all the neighbors of vertex 1 over edge type e1, by referencing e1._src as the starting vertex ID (which, of course, is 1) and e1._dst as the ending vertex ID.