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PIPE Syntax

One major difference between nGQL and SQL is how sub-queries are composed.

In SQL, sub-queries are nested (embedded) to form a statement. Meanwhile, nGQL uses shell style PIPE (|).


GO FROM 201 OVER edge_serve | GO FROM $ OVER edge_fans | GO FROM $ ...

GO FROM 100 OVER follow YIELD follow._dst AS dstid, $$ AS Name  | GO FROM $-.dstid OVER follow YIELD follow._dst, follow.likeness, $-.Name

The dest (vertex) id will be given as the default value if no YIELD is used.

But if YIELD is declared explicitly, (the default value) id will not be given.

The alias name mentioned right after placeholder $-. must be either exactly id or already defined in the previews YIELD statement (e.g., dstid or Name as shown in the above example).

(As a syntactic sugar, you can use $- to $ for short)