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Aggregate (Group by) Function

The GROUP BY functions are similar with SQL. It can only be applied in the YIELD syntax.

Name Description
AVG() Return the average value of the argument
COUNT() Return the number of records
COUNT_DISTINCT()) Return the number of different values
MAX() Return the maximum value
MIN() Return the minimum value
STD() Return the population standard deviation
SUM() Return the sum
BIT_AND() Bitwise AND
BIT_OR() Bitwise OR
BIT_XOR() Bitwise exclusive OR (XOR)

All the functions above can only applies for int64 and double.


nebula> GO FROM 1 OVER e1 YIELD $ AS fid | GROUP BY $-.fid YIELD COUNT(*)
-- for each fid, return the occurrence count.

nebula> GO FROM 1 YIELD e1._dst AS fid, e1.prop1 AS prop1 | GROUP BY $-.fid YIELD SUM($-.prop1)
-- for each fid, return the sum of prop1.