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This article introduces the limitations of Studio.

Nebula Graph versions

For now, Studio v1.x only supports Nebula Graph v1.x. Studio v2.x only supports Nebula Graph v2.x.


For now, Docker-based and RPM-based Studio v2.x supports x86_64 architecture only.

Upload data

During the public beta of Nebula Graph Cloud Service, Studio on Cloud has these limitations:

  • Only CSV files without headers are supported, and only commas are separators separator.
  • Each file of a maximum of 100 MB is supported.
  • A total amount of a maximum of 1 GB is supported for each Nebula graph instance.
  • Each file is stored for only one calendar day.

On Docker-based Studio and RPM-based, only CSV files without headers can be uploaded, but no limitations are applied to the size and store period for a single file. The maximum data volume depends on the storage capacity of your machine.

Data backup

For now, you can export the queried results in the CSV format on the Console page. No other backup methods are available.

nGQL statements

On the Console page of Docker-based and RPM-based Studio v2.x, all the nGQL syntaxes except these are supported:

  • USE <space_name>: You cannot run such a statement on the Console page to choose a graph space. As an alternative, you can click a graph space name in the drop-down list of Current Graph Space.
  • You cannot use line breaks (\). As an alternative, you can use the Enter key to split a line.

For Studio on Cloud, besides the preceding syntax, you cannot run these account and role management statements on the Console page:


For more information about the preceding statements, seeNebula Graph Database Manual


We recommend that you use Chrome to get access to Studio.

Last update: June 9, 2021
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