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Nebula Spark Connector

Nebula Spark Connector is a Spark connector application for reading and writing Nebula Graph data in Spark standard format. Nebula Spark Connector consists of two parts: Reader and Writer.

  • Reader

    Provides a Spark SQL interface. This interface can be used to read Nebula Graph data. It reads one vertex or edge type data at a time and assemble the result into a Spark DataFrame.

  • Writer

    Provides a Spark SQL interface. This interface can be used to write DataFrames into Nebula Graph in a row-by-row or batch-import way.

For more information, see Nebula Spark Connector.

Use cases

Nebula Spark Connector applies to the following scenarios:

  • Migrate data between different Nebula Graph clusters.
  • Migrate data between different graph spaces in the same Nebula Graph cluster.
  • Migrate data between Nebula Graph and other data sources.


  • Supports multiple connection settings, such as timeout period, number of connection retries, number of execution retries, etc.
  • Supports multiple settings for data writing, such as setting the corresponding column as vertex ID, starting vertex ID, destination vertex ID or attributes.
  • Supports non-attribute reading and full attribute reading.
  • Supports reading Nebula Graph data into VertexRDD and EdgeRDD, and supports non-Long vertex IDs.
  • Nebula Spark Connector 2.0 unifies the extended data source of SparkSQL, and uses DataSourceV2 to extend Nebula Graph data.

Last update: May 20, 2021
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